Sponsor Opportunities

ERA's goal is to serve and strengthen area businesses to help them develop and grow their Human Resources.  As a non-profit organization, we're proud of our ability to do this in an affordable and resourceful way so that every business, regardless of size and resources, can take part in our services.

ERA is now offering sponsorship opportunities to ERA members.  You can increase your brand visibility while supporting our objective.  Through our sponsorship opportunities, you'll be able to put your company name and services in front of thousands.  You'll get increased recognition and we'll get the chance to develop a lasting partnership.

Take advantage of one of our sponsorship levels or ask us about a customized approach to supporting ERA.

1.  Partnership Sponsor.  You'll receive a 1/4 page ad in our Training & Development catalog that is distributed twice a year and is used throughout the year as a resource, an opportunity to submit articles in our quarterly newsletter that reaches over 1200 members in Cincinnati and in Columbus. The annual cost to be a Partnership Sponsor is only $500.

2.  Program Sponsor.  You can get in front of our members by sponsoring a specific series or webinar.  Last year we had over 6,000 attend our programs!  Programs sponsorship includes your logo on all marketing material, class material and online registrations.  The annual cost to sponsor a program or series is $1000.

3.  Underwriter Sponsor.  ERA offers special events and half day programs that require an underwriter to help support the promotion, space rental, catering and materials.  If your company is interested in sponsoring a special event, the cost ranges from $3000 - $5000.

ALL SPONSORS will have a listing on the ERA website that includes a logo, brief company description and link to your website.

To learn more about these opportunities or to create a program that fits your needs, email Jennifer or call 888.237.9554.