Mission, Vision, Values

ERA's mission is to provide superior, responsive customer service and resources to our members to assist them in the management of their human resources and development of their business.

At ERA, we envision our Members...
  • Using proactive measures approach for growth, innovation and attainment of business objectives
  • Being innovators in their field
  • Accessing resources to help make solid business decisions
  • Having business partnerships for forward thinking practices in HR
  • Leveraging their strengths with their constituencies – employees, clients, vendors, etc.
  • Knowing their resources and who to call for assistance
We envision ERA...
  • As thought leaders
  • As problem solvers
  • As consult and partner with our members to deliver outstanding results, consistently
  • Being flexible and results/growth oriented to meet the current and future needs of our members
  • Attracting, selecting, developing and retaining outstanding talent
In our 3 year strategic plan for the Association, our 4 main strategic objectives are:
  • Market Penetration
  • Membership Development
  • Staff Development
  • Product/Service Development