RetireMEDiQ is a local health plan advisory service that delivers peace of mind to individuals who seek advice, knowledge, assistance or support regarding retirement health care. They have more than 25,000 clients in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

The RetireMEDiQ Program provides individuals with instant access to the MyiQ Newsletter, which is customizable and is designed to guide them through their transition to retirement and Medicare.

Individuals over the age of 62 also have access to their Benefit Advisors, a wide range of health plans and online resources so they can begin learning today about Medicare decisions for their future retirement. Best of all, this program is offered at no cost to you and or them!

For more information about offering this program to your employees, please visit


Do you have an employee with questions about Medicare?

They can sign up for the MyiQ newsletter by visiting or call into a licensed Benefit Advisor at 1-866-346-0940.

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