ERA is known for offering top quality HR consulting services to our members.  For many HR Managers, managing safety and risk is just one of many important areas of responsibility.  And these responsibilities can be very encompassing.  Compliance with environmental rules, state and federal safety regulation, transportation rules, safety requirements of customers, reducing insurance-related costs, safety for customers and simply ensuring a culture of safety at your workplace are just a few examples.  What if you had a team of experts who could address all of these areas and many more?  Now you do.

We’re proud to announce our new alliance with RiskControl360° (RC360).  RC360 is the Safety Consulting arm of ERA’s Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Plan administrator, CareWorksComp. RC360 has expertise in many industries including: manufacturing, construction, retail & wholesale, facility & property management, transportation, hospitality, healthcare, public entities and many more.

The team at RC360 is made up of highly credentialed and accomplished professionals with a track record of reducing the cost of risk for employers of all sizes.  For Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses, the RC360 team has helped employers reduce their risks and save money and business disruptions.

All ERA members now have free telephonic access to the RC360 team, included in your ERA membership fees.  If we can’t help you over the phone and your situation requires additional support, the RC360 team will provide you a clear proposal with no hidden fees.  Then, working with RC360 is a simple as working with ERA through our fee-based HR Consulting Services. 

From simple projects to improve in an area of safety & risk management to being a companies outsourced safety & risk management department, our team will scope out the project at no cost upfront to ERA members and be sure your company is comfortable with the project plan before we proceed. 

Just some of the services that employers have taken advantage of include the following:

  • Creating a culture of safety
  • Finding a good safety manager for a company to hire
  • Getting a company’s workers’ compensation cost under control
  • Getting other insurance related costs under control
  • Regulatory compliance (OSHA, DOT, EPA, etc.)
  • Reducing the frequency or severity of work-related accidents
  • Coaching individuals to be safety managers
  • Benchmarking and data analysis

RiskControl360 figures out the underlying causes of problems and develops solutions.  Then they use their team of consultants to implement changes.

To discuss your safety & risk concerns or challenges, please contact Craig Lanken at (330)472-1656 or craig.lanken@careworkscomp.com and let him know you’re an ERA member.