Workplace Investigations can assist you with internal workplace investigations.  Situations consistently in the workplace where an impartial third-party investigator is necessary to provide the employer and human resources with peace of mind.  Some include:

  • An employee made a complaint about harassment or discrimination.
  • An employee reported a violation of a serious workplace rule.
  • HR is not comfortable conducting the investigation.

In these situations and many others, can provide the support you need with an experienced Compliance Consultant or Attorney ready to investigate and interview witnesses, review policies and evaluate evidence.  Where requested, the assigned investigator will draft an investigation report for the company to review in order to render a decision.  

When you suspect wrong doing in the workplace, or an employee comes to you with a complaint, is ready to investigate. 

For more information about our Compliance Services, contact’s VP of Advisory Services, Monique Kahkonen, SCP, SPHR, at 513-679-4120.