Affirmative Action Plan and Procedures Checkup


Affirmative Action requirements can be intimidating between written plan requirements, recordkeeping, postings and outreach obligations.  All of these will come under close scrutiny if your organization is audited by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP).  To assist our members, we have developed a checkup to help you understand your obligations and what you must do to comply. 

Why Do a Checkup?

If you receive an audit letter from the OFCCP, you have 30 days to respond with your information.  If your organization hasn’t been doing all that’s required, it’s too late to begin at that point.  Do you know if you’re compliant?

Our Professionals Will Review:

  • Written Affirmative Action Plans to ensure that all of the required elements have been included 
  • Required Postings
  • Required internal communications
  • Required external communications
  • Processes and documentation
  • Best Practices

When issues are identified, we will provide samples of forms and postings to assist in correcting or mitigating non-compliance moving forward.

For more information about the Affirmative Action Plan and Procedures Checkup, contact Carolyn Potter, Lori Hall, Brandi Helton or Diana Small.