Career Transition Services

Why offer Career Transition services?

To help departing employees move on quickly and effectively and to send the correct employee relations message to the other employees or the community at large. It could potentially reduce the cost of UI, and it reduces the likelihood of litigation and settlement.

ERA can offer cost effective and customized solutions for our member companies and their transitioning employee's.

What services can ERA offer to our members?
  • RIF Consultation – Analyze the need for RIF, alternatives to a RIF, adverse impact analysis, notification process with employees, discussion of benefits, Unemployment, career transition services, severance and how to communicate with "survivors"
  • Career Transition Workshop – Workshop designed to acclimate people to all facets of a job search campaign.
  • Resume Development Workshop – Intensive workshop where attendeees actually draft resumes with instructor guidance/critique.
  • One-on-One Coaching – ERA customizes a regimen of meetings based on company budget and individual needs to teach up-to-date search methodology and develop a customized search strategy.
  • Interview Preparation – Work with individuals to develop solid answers to frequently asked interview questions.
  • Negotiation Consultation – Work with individuals on the skills of negotiation or actually analyze a specific job offer, determine what is negotiable and how to effectively counteroffer.
  • Resume Writing Service – Consultation with the individual to review old resume and career history.

For more information about how our Career Transition services can help companies and their departing employees please contact Monique Kahkonen, SCP, SPHR at 513-679-4120.