Compliance Services

Employee Handbook and Policy Manual Development

Having a clearly written, legally compliant HR policy manual is one of the most important forms of insurance against future legal trouble. Once completed, it is often easy to condense those policies into the most effective communication tool: an employee handbook. Our staff has written and reviewed literally hundreds of policy manuals and employee handbooks, and we know the policies that are most important for your legal protection. A free employee handbook and policy manual template is available to our members. If you wish to receive these free template copies or any other service that ERA provides to our members, please fill out the membership application.

Responding to State and Federal Agencies

Whether it is an unemployment claim, a charge of discrimination, or an audit by a state or federal wage and hour authority, we can help you navigate the minefield of administrative agencies. Our Association Counsel has extensive experience in investigating charges and organizing an employer's response to present a solid defense.

Employment Related Agreements

Many employers require certain employees to sign non-compete agreements, trade secret agreements, or other forms of employment agreements. Many executives are hired under comprehensive employment agreements. In turn, when employers terminate employees, they want the process to be quick, painless, and relatively risk-free. Whether your company needs help in hiring or termination, Employers Resource Association can assist you in developing an agreement that protects the company.

Arbitration and Labor Relations

Unionized employers often need help in effectively representing themselves in arbitrations, and non-union employers often need help in remaining union free. Our Association Counsel can help in either situation.

Customized Compliance Training

Association Counsel can develop customized training for company HR staff, management and supervision on any employment law related topic. Typical examples include FMLA training for managers, sexual harassment training, disability law compliance and more.

For more information about our Compliance Services, contact Dawn Hays, SHRM-SCP, Esq. at 513-679-4120.