I-9 Audit

Employers Resource Association has developed an I-9 Audit Program as a service available to our members. You will find that this service is of benefit to your organization in several ways:

As worksite enforcement and Form I-9 audits continue to expand nationwide, employers must plan for the potential: a “Notice of Inspection” (NOI) from ICE compelling the employer to produce the Forms I-9 and other related documents for inspection within 3 business days (or 72 hours).

An I-9 audit is one of the best investments you can make to guard against fines and penalties arising from such an inspection. Internal auditing is an important step in demonstrating your good faith efforts to comply.  Once an internal audit is completed, you can:

  • Rest easy knowing that you have done everything you can to protect your organization in case of an ICE audit
  • Know exactly what your risks are so you can take proactive steps to eliminate them
  • Demonstrate your “good faith effort” to comply with legal requirements

Here's How ERA Can Help

Our audit process involves a thorough review of either all or a sampling of Form I-9’s, depending on your preference.

  • ERA will review copies of provided I-9 Forms for current and separated employees.
  • The I-9 Team identifies errors on I-9 Form – including items which are in direct violation and could result in fines.
  • ERA arms you with the necessary tools to correct errors on your I-9 Forms.
  • After the audit, ERA can provide support to you and your staff on how to properly fill out I-9 Forms and can assist you in creating an I-9 company policy.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider I-9 audit:

1. If you have had turnover in the HR position(s) responsible for  handling and processing I-9 Forms

2. If none of your  staff responsible for the I-9 process have been formally trained

3. You have recently gone through a corporate reorganization, merger or acquisition

4. You have not  documented your I-9 Form policies and procedures in a policy statement or procedures manual

5. If you do not have a centralized I-9 record keeping process

6. If a random or full audit has not been performed within the last year by either your internal staff member who is familiar with I-9 compliance rules but does not deal with I-9s on a regular basis, or by a reputable independent I-9 auditor

7. You have  never performed a self-audit or had any outside provider perform an I-9 audit

8. You do not know how to make corrections to the I-9 form

9. Your industry is being targeted by ICE

10. You are  unaware that new I-9 guidance was released by USCIS


For more information about the ERA I-9 Audit program, contact Michelle Pinsky. SHRM-SCP (Cincinnati) 513-679-4122 mpinsky@hrxperts.org or Dawn Hays, SHRM-SCP, Esq. (Columbus) at 614-538-9410 dhays@hrxperts.org