Employee Handbook Template

Human resource policies are detailed statements that outline the organization's position on and describe managers' and supervisors' specific responsibilities regarding such activities as salary increases, performance reviews, hiring, discipline, termination, etc. In total, they form the basis for consistency in managerial decision making; The Policy Manual should be designed and used as a managerial guide.

An employee handbook is a pamphlet or booklet which summarizes or briefly explains an organization's human resource policies, procedures and benefits. It is a communication tool that is becoming increasingly important in ensuring that employees have accurate and consistent information about their employment conditions, and in maintaining a positive employee relations environment. It must be interesting, vital, timely and meet your specific needs.

The Importance of Manuals and Handbooks

  • Employers need a standardized reference that outlines the organization's human resource policies, procedures and benefits.
  • Managers and supervisors need a consistent source which can be used to answer employees' question and promote the equitable treatment of employees throughout the organization.
  • It can be used to meet an organization's mandated employee communication requirements.
  • The organization can enhance its image by formally presenting its employee relations philosophy and attitude to current and future employees.
  • It can serve as a consolidated source for human resource information that is given to and read by all employees.
Constant Review is Required

The human resource field is dynamic and ever-changing. New legislation, court decisions and regulatory agency rulings will continue to affect and alter employer/employee relationships. How would someone else (EEOC, the courts) view and interpret your wording? If it can be read more than one way, it will be. Don't become a victim of a discrimination charge or lawsuit. An ill-prepared policy manual or handbook is worse than none at all. Let us assist you.

How The Association Can Help Your Company

Included in your membership in the Association, is access to template copies of a employee handbook and a policy manual. Writing or updating an employee handbook or human resource policy manual is a time-consuming, complex project that may stretch an organization's human resources department beyond its capacity. Additionally, drafting a handbook or policy manual may require expertise and knowledge beyond the experience of the general human resources practitioner. For further information or questions, please contact the HR Hotline for additional assistance.

The Association's Professional Staff can also provide the following on a fee basis:

  • Audit your current handbook for legislative and regulatory compliance, clarity of language and inclusion of appropriate topics.
  • Work with your staff on revising the handbook to ensure that it meets your organization's needs and objectives.
  • Write a handbook from start to finish, customizing the publication to fit your organization's needs.
  • Write or review individual policies which may serve as a source of authority for the handbook.