Employee Handbook Template

Employee Handbooks or Manuals

An employee handbook or manual ensures that your employees have a resource to consult for accurate information about the terms, conditions and benefits of employment.  It is a communication tool that often summarizes your organization's human resource policies, procedures and benefit and can help maintain a positive employee relations environment.

The handbook can:

  • Be used to meet your organization's mandated employee communication requirements; 
  • Enhance the organization’s image by formally presenting its employee relations philosophy to current and future employees; and 
  • Protect the organization by consolidating necessary information that is read and acknowledged by all employees.


Constant Review is Required 

The human resource field is dynamic and ever-changing. New legislation, court decisions and regulatory agency rulings will continue to affect and alter the nature of the employer/employee relationship.  An out-of-date or ill-prepared handbook can increase risk, harm the employer’s credibility, and destroy employee morale.  

ERA Can Help

 Complimentary access to an up-to-date employee handbook template is included in your ERA membership.  Click here to contact our Compliance Department and have a copy of this modifiable resource emailed to you. 

 ERA’s Compliance Department can also work with you on a fee basis to: 

  • Audit your current handbook for legislative and regulatory compliance, clarity of language and inclusion of appropriate topics; 
  • Revise the handbook to ensure that it meets your organization's needs and objectives; and 
  • Draft a handbook from start to finish, customizing the publication to fit your organization's needs. 

To learn more about the ERA’s range of handbook creation and review options, please click here, and a member of  ERA’s Compliance Department will assist you.