HR Hotline

Our team of expert HR professionals is here when you need them—to point you in the right direction, offer a second opinion or coach you through complex HR issues.

Your annual investment in ERA allows you to have ready access to our staff of seasoned human resource professionals with 20+ years of experience. We routinely handle thousands of calls, requests, problems and referrals on all matters dealing with employer/employee relations and many other topics.  Hotline calls often help members identify situations that may pose a legal risk, improve employee engagement and implement best-practices.

With direct access to our professionals, you won't be left waiting hours or even days to get answers to your HR questions.

Hotline Advantages

  • HR Hotline advisors are available Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST.  You may email and be directed to an HR expert.  
  • All of our members receive unlimited access to our confidential consulting HOTLINE for answers to immediate questions.
  • Our Hotline staff will get you to the right resources!
  • Advisors will provide relevant links to policies, checklists or other resources. 
  • Members can access our 24/7 HR Library, HR central:



The HR Hotline provides easy and immediate access to seasoned HR advisors who supply information and answers across a range of topics.  Here is a sampling of our most requested topics: 

Day to Day Issues

Regulatory Issues




Job Descriptions

Employee Performance


HR Policies



General HR Forms


ERA’s HR Hotline and e-mail support answers your HR questions when you need it - Now!

Our practical tools and guidance span federal to state levels, so we have you covered wherever your business may take you and your organization.

 Download the HR Hotline flyer and post it in your office for a quick reminder the next time you need HR help.