Compensation & HR Policy Surveys

With today's tightening pool of quality talent and an employee’s increased knowledge of the "market" value of their skills, it is almost a must that employers maintain a compensation package that is competitive. Industry surveys assist companies by enabling them to evaluate and compare their pay, benefits, policies, and practices with those in the community.

Why ERA Survey Reports?

  • Local
  • Current
  • Trusted
  • Significant value - including complimentary surveys to participating member companies!

Salary Survey Overview

ERA has conducted compensation and policy surveys for over 65 years. Our reports include only local data from member organizations – from Fortune 500 to the family business – in all industry sectors, broken down by metropolitan area. We conduct over 25 surveys annually in a professional, confidential manner and deliver the data in a concise, easy-to-use, accurate format.

Our surveys are available at highly competitive rates – with the potential for even greater savings. As a benefit of becoming an ERA member, you have the opportunity to receive any local ERA survey at no charge by providing your company's data for that report. The more surveys you participate in, the more you receive.  Here’s a list of the surveys and job positions covered and their timing:

Other HR Surveys

Another benefit of membership is that the following survey reports are complimentary:

  • Wage Adjustment– Tristate, Central Ohio
  • Health and Welfare Benefits Trends
  • Turnover
  • Year-End Holidays
Custom Surveys

ERA also conducts specialized surveys to meet your unique needs by acquiring salary and benefits data about a specialized industry or professional field from organizations more like your own than what is represented in standard published surveys. In custom surveys, we work with you to develop a list of companies and positions that are similar to your employee group and organization and solicit these companies to participate in this specialized survey. To learn more, please contact Jeff Lucas at 513-679-4120.

National Surveys

Because of our affiliation with other employers associations across the country through the Employer Association Group, we are able to provide our survey users with national pay and policy data. This relationship allows us to offer members a Wage and Salary Survey, a National Policies and Practices Survey, and a National Compensation Survey on Executives and Sales Professionals. All these reports contain the same accurate data as in our regional surveys, but with the additional benefit of national scope.