Untangling FMLA Compliance Issues: Guidance and Solutions

Listening to our member feedback, we have brought back Jeff Shoskin, employment attorney from Frost Brown Todd and Barb Barrett, DOL Wage & Hour Division Investigator, to decipher a complex federal law. They will review the one federal law that continues to frustrate employers and be utilized by (some) employees as a personal leave of absence law - the Family and Medical Leave Act. This session will be ideal for the HR representative just venturing into the FMLA abyss and for seasoned veterans who have struggled to maintain some semblance of control over FMLA usage. During their presentation, Jeff and Barb will explore numerous issues that continue to confound employers across the USA, including:

  • How do you become a "covered employer"? What is you drop below 50?
  • How does the FMLA work with temp agencies?
  • My employee wants time off to take care of his Aunt Susie. What does "in loco parentis" mean?
  • Is FMLA leave available for all same sex couples?
  • My employee wants to go to Las Vegas with her terminally ill mother. Her mother just wants to "roll the bones" one last time. There is no medical need to go to Vegas. Is that FMLA-protected leave?
  • Ralph has migraine headaches. He routinely misses 3-4 random work days per month. He is in a position where prompt customer service is crucial. Can we move him to a less critical position?
  • What can we do if we believe an employee is abusing her FMLA leave?
  • How do we count intermittent leave that is less than one hour per episode?
  • Does an employee on FMLA leave have to follow our written "call-in/call-off" procedures?

Who Should Attend:

Business owners, executives, managers, and HR professionals.


8:00 A.M. - 8:30 A.M. - Continental Breakfast

SHRM-CP/SCP Recertification Credits: 3

PHR/SPHR/GPHR Recertification Credits: 3

Member Fee: $99.00

Nonmember Fee: $140.00