Discipline & Discharge for HR Professionals

This course takes an in-depth look at the legal tests and rules that influence judges (arbitrators) and juries in deciding whether such employer actions will be endorsed or overturned. Participants also delve into the unwritten rules and assumptions that these tribunals follow in reaching decisions. Participants look in detail at both what has to occur in a discipline and discharge investigation to satisfy such tribunals that "due process" occurred, and what makes up "The Seven Steps of Just Cause" that get such actions accepted rather than rejected. Finally, we will examine what types of misconduct cause tribunals particular difficulty in affirming the employer's discipline or discharge penalty.

    Learning Objectives:
  • Practice compliance on unwritten assumptions that judges, juries, and other decision-makers expect from an employer in discipline and discharge matters
  • Respond accordingly when accelerated discipline is more appropriate than the use of conventional, progressive, or corrective discipline
  • Use a separation of severance agreement effectively, rather than discharge, when it is in the best interest of an employer
Who Should Attend:

HR professionals who want to fire without fear. Managers and supervisors should choose Discipline and Discharge for Managers & Supervisors.


PHR/SPHR/GPHR Recertification Credits: 4

Member Fee: $120.00

Nonmember Fee: $168.00