Understanding Medicare and Social Security Retiree Benefits

Do you have employees or retirees who are eligible to enroll in Medicare or Social Security?

Due to the changing workforce and Baby Boomers' ability to stay in the marketplace longer, many people are still working when they're first eligible for retirement benefits and they need help in understanding their options. Many times these workers will come to Human Resources to begin the discussion.

This program will provide an overview of both Social Security and Medicare programs and key questions that a well-equipped HR professional will want to have in order to have a basic understanding of how to help an employee navigate these highly complex decisions. It's important that they understand how and when to enroll versus delay coverage, as well as how to use RetireMEDiQ as a Medicare resource.

Plan to join representatives from RetireMEDiQ and Premier Social Security Consulting to increase your knowledge of available retirement benefits for your employees and how to guide them to appropriate resources so that they make the best decisions as they begin a new facet of their life.


Member Fee: $20.00

Nonmember Fee: $30.00