Legal Compliance

ERA offers the following classes addressing Legal Compliance for organizations. HR Legal Compliance training provides you and your organization with safeguards to ensure you protect the organization without violating the rights of employees.  Employees that would benefit the most from the class are included under the class name. A more detailed description is available for each of these class including dates and instructors. If you are unable to find what you are looking for or if you would like more information please feel free to contact Ralph Neal at 513-679-4120 for Cincinnati, or Dawn Hays 614-538-9410 for Columbus.

Courses currently scheduled:

  • COBRA Essentials - This program is designed to provide an overview of COBRA requirements and is ideally suited for growing organizations at or near the 20-employee threshold of the regulation. Even if your organization outsources COBRA administration to a third party administrator, you are still responsible for ensuring compliance with these strict and complex legal procedures. Real-life situations are used to illustrate the various provisions and bring the group into the discussion.
  • FMLA Essentials - This program is designed to provide a working knowledge of the FMLA requirements and is ideally suited for growing organizations at or near the 50-employee threshold of the regulation, or any manager new to the FMLA.
  • Navigating the Treacherous Triangle: FMLA, ADAAA & Workers' Compensation - This is an advanced leave management course. It is designed for participants who have a working knowledge of each leave law independently. When applied individually, each of these three laws creates a myriad of compliance challenges. This course explores the complex compliance challenges that surface when two or more of these leave laws are in play at the same time. Participants will review recent court decisions and engage in thought-provoking case studies to sharpen skills related to each law independently and collectively. Prior to participating in this course, we recommend, but do not require, that participants take FMLA Essentials and ADAAA Essentials.
  • Wage & Hour Law Essentials - A recent upsurge of wage and hour lawsuits, including very large collective actions, has prompted managers to re-evaluate company wage and hour compliance. Many companies have discovered potentially huge liabilities in unpaid overtime, miscalculations of time worked and misclassification of employees as exempt. This program will provide a practical overview of the law for participants, allowing them to identify and correct problems and to minimize the possibility of wage and hour audits or employee lawsuits. It also will review the DOL's controversial "Final Regulations" which became effective in August 2004.

Other courses available:

  • ADAAA Essentials - This program is designed to provide an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended by the ADA Amendments Act. It is ideally suited for HR and supervisory personnel faced with their employees' various "reasonable accommodation" requests, including job restructuring and leaves of absence. A comprehensive review of the ADAAA's key terminology will be followed by a discussion of the most common errors made by employers. Participants will then review recent court cases and EEOC guidance papers and explore how the courts and the EEOC have handled various "disability" situations.
  • Columbus Legal Hot Topics - Employer suits alleging wage and hour violations are on the rise and making headlines. Join us for lessons from a Wage and Hour Investigator and an Employment Defense Attorney.

  • Employment Law Update and Review - CINCINNATI LOCATION CHANGE to TECHSOLVE
  • I-9 and E-Verify Compliance Webinar - Whether you're an HR professional or business owner, there are 4 key questions you MUSTask yourself:
  • Overcoming the Overtime Blues - By now, you have heard that the Department of Labor released the new requirements for determining whether an employee is eligible for overtime pay. The new rule substantially increases the minimum salary amount that an exempt (non-overtime eligible) employee must earn from $23,660 to $47,476. Prudent employers will need to prepare for the changes NOW! There are a myriad of practical and strategic consideration that companies face in grappling with the best way to effectively manage the payroll expense implications while simultaneously balancing employee morale issues.
  • Untangling FMLA Compliance Issues: Guidance and Solutions - Listening to our member feedback, we have brought back Jeff Shoskin, employment attorney from Frost Brown Todd and Barb Barrett, DOL Wage & Hour Division Investigator, to decipher a complex federal law. They will review the one federal law that continues to frustrate employers and be utilized by (some) employees as a personal leave of absence law - the Family and Medical Leave Act. This session will be ideal for the HR representative just venturing into the FMLA abyss and for seasoned veterans who have struggled to maintain some semblance of control over FMLA usage. During their presentation, Jeff and Barb will explore numerous issues that continue to confound employers across the USA, including: