Personal Development

ERA offers the following classes addressing personal development for exempt and non-exempt employees.  Members continue to offer laudatory feedback after attending our personal development classes. Employees that would benefit the most from the class are included under the class name. A more detailed description is available for each of these class including dates and instructors. If you are unable to find what you are looking for or if you would like more information please feel free to contact Gary Mertz at 513-679-4120 for Cincinnati or Monique Kahkonen 614-538-9410 for Columbus.

Courses currently scheduled:

  • Communication Skills for Teamwork - When communication breaks down, so does teamwork. Help your team or individuals on your team to improve their ability to communicate with each other by understanding behavioral styles and how they affect communication, and ultimately, teamwork. This highly interactive program gets at the heart of teamwork and team play.
  • Exceptional Customer Service - Customer service is truly a lost art form. Since few of us have products, services, technology, or pricing that is substantially different from our competition, the one way left to differentiate ourselves is to provide better service. Exceptional customer service is 90% attitude and 10% technique. Participants walk away with the skills to excel at both.
  • Interpersonal Skills Development Series - Communication is the cornerstone to the success of every organization and team. This series of four classes (DiSC Dimensions of Behavior, Personal Assertiveness, The Art of Conflict Resolution, and Dealing with Difficult People) are designed to help individuals be the very best they can be while communicating with their peers, bosses and customers.
  • Perfecting Your Presentation Skills - This program is designed for people at all levels who are technically competent at their jobs, but diminish their professional credibility when required to deliver information in front of small or large groups. Participants learn all of the fundamentals for great presenting. This program includes a videotaping of a short presentation by every participant and a personalized debrief for improvement.
  • Skill-Based Training Techniques - This program is designed for those front-line employees and supervisors who are tasked with training new employees or re-training existing employees. It highlights the importance of properly structured training, how adults learn best, and a four-step method of teaching a process, procedure, or how to operate a tool or a piece of equipment.
  • Taking Back Control of Your Time - This highly interactive program examines factors that lead to poor time and priority management. Participants identify how to cope with stress on the job, how to prioritize, analyze and deal with time-wasters, set goals, and delegate responsibility. Participants learn to manage not only their time, but their environment as well.

Other courses available:

  • Better Business Writing Series - This series combines the best of Write the Right Stuff and Grammatical Writing Refresher to provide more depth and skill-building exercises for participants. Beyond refreshing their prowess with grammar and punctuation, participants learn how to develop their message strategy, organize their ideas, edit and reframe their work to produce a document that is both logical and credible. The four steps to better business writing are discussed and practiced in depth.
  • Business Writing in the Digital Age I - In today's fast-paced work world, business communication is most often conducted electronically. Unfortunately, often absent is the ability to communicate in a business-like fashion using this medium. Participants in this workshop will focus on "Digital Age" mechanical mistakes in grammar and punctuation that hinder readability, and will evaluate how to send a clear, concise, and correct business message that conveys a courteous, professional image. Email etiquette will be reviewed as well. Both the experienced business writer who would benefit from an update, and the novice writer who needs a solid introduction to this skill, will find value in the program. Participants will practice writing and editing for well-organized, action-oriented communications that are logical, clear and credible.
  • EDGE Employee Development Growth and Enhancement - Today's employees have a fundamental need to enhance their personal brand and feel valued. This three-part program helps employers meet those needs by investing in their employees' development with the EDGE. The EDGE uses a variety of methods, including online tools, assessments, facilitated discus-sion, experiential learning and interim assignments, to help participants increase self and social awareness, conscientiously communicate, and courageously resolve conflict. By enhancing the employee's personal and professional skills with the EDGE employees and their employers gain a competitive edge by increasing trust, collaboration and retention in the workplace.
  • Grammatical Writing Refresher - Few errors have more power to diminish the perceived value of business communications than bad grammar or flawed punctuation. Among other causes, reliance on electronic devices has eroded an understanding of the elements necessary to make written sentences understandable. In this easy, non-threatening workshop, participants will revisit grammar and punctuation basics and come away with usable "do's and don'ts" as well as instant answers.
  • Managing Workplace Stress - In today's world stress is a fact of life, and a certain amount of stress can actually be energizing. Too much stress can make us feel out of control, and negatively affect one's health, job performance, and overall well-being. This workshop is designed to provide employees at any level of the organization with practical, specific skills for identifying, coping, and managing stress in the workplace or at home.
  • Personal Assertiveness - This program is designed to help participants to recognize the differences between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviors and how to maintain assertive communication.
  • The Art of Conflict Resolution - Organizations depend on managers, supervisors and employees to openly discuss concerns and arrive at a joint resolution before a situation gets out of control. Through the use of exercises, team discussions and role-plays, participants learn how to intervene in creative, effective ways to turn conflict into conciliation.
  • The Art of Letting Go - Delegation is critical to an organization for many reasons: skill development, time management, and identifying high-potential employees, just to name a few. This program is designed to help team leaders, managers, and supervisors improve the bottom line through effective delegation. Delegating is not dumping; it is letting go, and is an empowerment and growth tool essential to business results.
  • The Art of Negotiation - Any dealing with another individual is a negotiation. The ability to negotiate successful win-win outcomes is a critical business skill. We negotiate with vendors, suppliers, team members, and even our bosses to establish goals, to gain access to resources, and to help each other. This course explores all the facets of successful negotiation.
  • The Complete Receptionist - This program gives participants the skills and confidence needed to create a professional image in representing your organization. This skills-building program takes a universal look at all of the competencies needed to be a Director of First Impressions .
  • The Essentials of Selling: A Complete Process - This valuable workshop is designed for both the new sales professional as well as the more experienced sales representative who either has had no formal training or who has identifiable opportunities for improvement. It covers the entire sales process, from how to be more organized to acquiring those critical referrals and everything in between. There is plenty of opportunity to practice newly acquired skills as this course is a true workshop where participants will analyze themselves, work through skill-building exercises and even role-play to practice newly acquired skills under friendly fire. Participants will walk away with knowledge, skills, practice and confidence to improve their results right away.