Training Services

One-on-One Coaching

When a group training environment is not the answer to your specialized needs, one-on-one coaching services might be. The training professionals at Employers Resource Association can take any classroom educational topic and customize it to best serve the varying educational needs of our members. Click here to read more about this service.

The HR Chally Group

HR Chally assessments help organizations by providing a strategic method for more accurate talent management decisions. Chally has provided research-based solutions to help improve productivity, reduce turnover and develop leadership for corporations in over 49 countries for more than 35 years. Click here to read more about the HR Chally Group's research-based solutions.

DiSC® Dimension of Behavior

DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior provides a non-judgmental assessment to identify the behavioral makeup of an individual . Use for pre-employment screening, team building and coaching opportunities. Read more about the benefits of using a DISC® assessment.

Career Transition

Help departing employees move on quickly and effectively and to send the correct employee relations message to the other employees or the community at large. It could potentially reduce the cost of UI, and it reduces the likelihood of litigation and settlement. ERA has a wide range of Career Transition Services that are offered to our members.


This tool is valuable to develop and coach individuals to increased effectiveness, and is now often used in diversity programs as well as for team-building, improving communications, and developing leaders. For more information click here.