One-on-One Coaching

When a group training environment is not the answer to your specialized needs, one-on-one coaching services might be. The training professionals at Employers Resource Association can take any classroom educational topic and customize it to best serve the varying educational needs of our members. These services are professionally delivered and can be completely confidential. Geared toward both management and employees alike, this service is typically utilized by members when:

  • the training need is immediate, where waiting for a future public class may not be an option
  • an employee has special needs that require attention that a classroom setting may not provide
  • privacy and confidentiality are essential
  • reinforcement from "outside expertise" would make a difference
  • one person needs training in a condensed format due to time constraints
  • documenting extra effort would protect the company from potential liability
  • all your best efforts have failed and you need a "last step" attempt to salvage the employee.
Coaching Topics

Virtually any of our Public Training programs we offer can be customized for the individual. Listed here are our most frequently requested topics.

  • Illegal Harassment
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skill
  • Diversity and Sensitivity
  • Time and Priority Management
  • Leadership Skills Development
  • Presentation or Training Skills
  • HR Coaching

To discuss your customized training plan or to learn more about how ERA can help you customize your training programs please contact Gary Mertz at 513-679-4120.